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Solo exhibition Rikkert Paauw 2017


picture Miles Fishler Courtesy Gallery Valerie_traan


16.02.2017 | 01.04.2017

The aesthetics of local garbage

For Dutch designer Rikkert Paauw, the ground materials for building design simply lay in the streets. One of his favorite occupations consists of creating design on location, made out of thrown away materials he finds on the spot.

By transforming the city’s waste into installations within that same city, Rikkert keeps the circle of his circular design very short and builds a story that goes far beyond sustainability or reuse.

Local litter isn’t the only darling of this designer. Modular design is another one. Make that: modularity pushed to the extreme. For a project in Sydney he’d thought up Verbindingstuk, a metal linker to fasten a horizontal beam to a vertical one. That simple object allows people from all over the world to build anything with the (thrown away) woods locally available. Design doesn’t get more modular than this.


Rikkert Paauw V ENG[1]

The courtyards of Petrogradsky District

On our first two days we went around the house and the neighborhood for some building materials and met some very kind and straight forward people. A girl named Nadezhda volunteered to show some courtyards that were likely be good places to find discarded furniture. She likes to photograph Sovjet furniture to be reminded of her childhood. Andrey, the director of the local theater group picked up the materials we found with his sturdy Lada and the Gymnasium donated some cabinets.


A weekend in Amsterdam’s North

Rhizomatic, a project space for artistic research based in Amsterdam-North, invited us to join their project exhibition Repair! about the sustainable potential of reparation. Hein and Rikkert went strolling through the area north of the IJ river and found a batch of sauna wood at a fitness centre. They turned it into flexible street furniture for the neighbourhood. More pictures by Hein on Flickr.

Foundation junior

At the end of August, Rikkert went to work with a group of teenagers on summercamp for five days in Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht). They gathered waste material at building sites and in the streets around the camp. Then they worked together on ideas and sketches, resulting a collection of beautiful sculptural furniture. More pictures on Flickr.

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