Program 5-10 May

Straatlokaal set

After finishing the three buildings in different neighbourhoods in Utrecht, we temporarily moved into an office with Born Digital, Sonostruct~ and Jacob van De Water to bring all of our field recordings and video together for an extensive audiovisual installation at the Neude (a sqaure in the city centre).

small skyscraper


First some girls came help us clean the container. Then a few boys arrived and stayed for some snacks and drinks after which more and more kids came till the party turned into some kind of a riot. But the house is still standing and the kids sure had fun. Goodbye Kanaleneiland!

What are you doing?

What is that? Why are you building this? Who is going to live in the little house? How much is the rent?

rocking chair

The rocking chair we created from an old coffeetable was greatly appreciated by the Pearsonlaan kids.


playful building


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