Straatlokaal: de neude

Our last video of the Straatlokaal project where al the houses came together and functioned a week as a new meeting place, with music food and the stories of the neigbourhoods visualized at the houses by videomapping.
Music by Eefje de Visser (remixed and produced by jacob van de water)

Straatlokaal – de Neude from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

A weekend in Amsterdam’s North

Rhizomatic, a project space for artistic research based in Amsterdam-North, invited us to join their project exhibition Repair! about the sustainable potential of reparation. Hein and Rikkert went strolling through the area north of the IJ river and found a batch of sauna wood at a fitness centre. They turned it into flexible street furniture for the neighbourhood. More pictures by Hein on Flickr.

Straatlokaal 3. Kanaleneiland

Straatlokaal – Kanaleneiland from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

straatlokaal 2.Wittevrouwen

Straatlokaal Wittevrouwen from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

Straatlokaal 1. Leidsche Rijn

Straatlokaal – Leidsche Rijn from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

Terugblik/retrospect Straatlokaal

Facebook event

Foundation junior

At the end of August, Rikkert went to work with a group of teenagers on summercamp for five days in Leidsche Rijn (Utrecht). They gathered waste material at building sites and in the streets around the camp. Then they worked together on ideas and sketches, resulting a collection of beautiful sculptural furniture. More pictures on Flickr.

Straatlokaal at the Neude, Utrecht



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