Foundation, a concept by Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten is about collecting waste material and old furniture from the neighborhood, moving it to a waste container, reusing it to turn it into a small house (with the container as the foundation), to become a temporary meeting place for neighbours and passers-by. During the project, graphic designer Jet van Zwieten will give shape to a public journal or another communication tool that shows the progress and tells the story of the found material and its contributors. This site-specific and investigative approach to design and public space leaves room for unexpected local input and cooperation.

Foundation came to life in 2010 during the Public Design Festival in Milan:

FOUNDation Milan April 2010 from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.


Rikkert Paauw (1982) works as an independant spacial designer, based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. From his very childhood he considered it logical to use materials surrounding him like waste in combination with natural materials as to change spaces easily with very simple solutions. For his curiousity he has a big interest in the background of materials as well as technology and considers it important to make materials and technics understood. This interest guides him all the way from the first moment of planning to finally materializing a project, all of which happens with a big focus on mobility, seeking durable solutions for individuals as well as companies.
in 2017 Rikkert had a solo exhibition of his work at gallery Valerie_traan in Antwerp (Belgium)

Jet van Zwieten (1985) studied at The Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands) and is working as a graphic and editorial designer. She uses her design and communication skills in order to improve social structures and the (urban) environment. Imaging and perception play an important role in her work as well as the interaction between analogue and digital material.

Hein Lagerweij (1983)


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