Solo exhibition Rikkert Paauw 2017


picture Miles Fishler Courtesy Gallery Valerie_traan


16.02.2017 | 01.04.2017

The aesthetics of local garbage

For Dutch designer Rikkert Paauw, the ground materials for building design simply lay in the streets. One of his favorite occupations consists of creating design on location, made out of thrown away materials he finds on the spot.

By transforming the city’s waste into installations within that same city, Rikkert keeps the circle of his circular design very short and builds a story that goes far beyond sustainability or reuse.

Local litter isn’t the only darling of this designer. Modular design is another one. Make that: modularity pushed to the extreme. For a project in Sydney he’d thought up Verbindingstuk, a metal linker to fasten a horizontal beam to a vertical one. That simple object allows people from all over the world to build anything with the (thrown away) woods locally available. Design doesn’t get more modular than this.


Rikkert Paauw V ENG[1]

Straatlokaal: de neude

Our last video of the Straatlokaal project where al the houses came together and functioned a week as a new meeting place, with music food and the stories of the neigbourhoods visualized at the houses by videomapping.
Music by Eefje de Visser (remixed and produced by jacob van de water)

Straatlokaal – de Neude from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

Straatlokaal 3. Kanaleneiland

Straatlokaal – Kanaleneiland from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

straatlokaal 2.Wittevrouwen

Straatlokaal Wittevrouwen from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.


TAVERNA from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

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